The ScenarioTools supports the execution of MSDs via the play-out algorithm. The ScenarioTools runtime environment integrates into the Eclipse Debug Framework that is familiar to Java developers using Eclipse.

Eclipse Debug Framework Integration

The ScenarioTools play-out-based execution of MSD specifications integrates into the Eclipse Debug Framework. The screenshot below shows how different information about a particular state of the execution is presented to the user. First, the top left shows the Debug View. Here the objects in the object system and the active assumption and requirements MSDs are shown as threads. The lifeline bindings and current diagram variables can be viewed in the Variable View, shown in the top right.

The ScenarioTools integrates into the Eclipse Debug Framework

The ScenarioTools runtime integrates into the Eclipse Debug Framework

At the bottom, the currently relevant, i.e., state changing, message events are show. Each line shows a message event with its sending and receiving object. For parametrized messages, also the parameter value is shown. Parametrized messages are grouped if they differ only in the parameter value. Label colors and icons show whether messages are enabled in a hot/cold, monitored/executed cut in an assumption and/or requirement MSD and/or whether their execution would lead to a cold and/or safety violation and/or the activation of a new active MSD.