MODELS 2017 Paper Artifact Download

This page contains the instructions for the artifact that accompanies the MODELS 2017 paper “Symbolic Execution for Realizability-Checking of Scenario-based Specifications“.

Software Download

Download as VirtualBox image from (the download size is ~3.5 GB; it contains a ScenarioTools installation on Ubuntu 16.04, 64 bit, along with a hibernated session of a running ScenarioTools.)

Set up VirtualBox

VirtualBox is available as a free download from Simply download and install the appropriate version of VirtualBox for your system. It is generally recommended to install the Extension Pack as well.

After installation is complete, extract the zipped ScenarioTools image into any folder of your choice (unzipped size is approximately 8 GB). Navigate to this folder in the File Explorer and double-click on file ‘Ubuntu64ScenarioToolsDeveloper.vbox‘. Depending on your configuration, this either directly launches a virtual machine running ScenarioTools on Ubuntu Linux or opens the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager. If the later opens, select the ScenarioTools VM from the list on the left and then click on the Start icon at the top to launch the virtual machine.

If opening .vbox files via double-clicking does not work on your system, you can manually launch VirtualBox to get into the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager. In this manager, pick Machine -> Add… from the menu bar. A file dialog will open. Navigate to and open ‘Ubuntu64ScenarioToolsDeveloper.vbox‘. This will add the VM to your manager and you can launch it by selecting it from the list and then clicking on the Start icon at the top.